Great spot for breakfast in RTP. And they serve @counterculturecoffee!

Happy #nationalcoffeeday. “Giant Steps” by @bluebottle from my Chemex on a nice, foggy morning.


Good afternoon, San Francisco!

Some of the best coffee in the business. @vervecoffee

Dedicated to the craft.

Yup, it’s a hot one today.

One of my favorite breweries has taken over the bar at Whole Foods — awesome! @ballastpointbrewing

Congrats to Mark! This is my every morning #CGCoffeeMoment.

In my brief time of home roasting, I have heavily relied on so many cool, friendly people to really perfect my technique.

This happens so often to @jmeylor that it is time I named them. This little guy’s name is Larry. He really has a knack for settling down in the wrong places.

My new toy.

Well, I’m never using @TWC after having this happen to me over and over.


I’ve deleted the same emails from probably a dozen times this morning.

.@Recode‘s podcast has quickly become a favorite. I love @karaswisher‘s no BS style and focus on great content. Guests have been A+ too.

I cannot wait to be out of this state.


Guy had his last day of work at Apple Store. As he was walking out, the staff stopped what they were doing and applauded him until he left.

RT @CoffeeGeek: And FYI, for that up to $50/lb you’re paying Keurig/Maxwell House, the farmer who’s beans are used? Probably got $1. Or less. #killthekcup

RT @SteveRattner: Amazing – @Uber is valued at $50bn, about the same as $GM, the largest US automaker which sold 4.86mm cars in 1st half of 2015 alone

As others have noted, this is a really poor analogy. Please stop. Both have user experiences. Both are designed.…

Especially with the advent of the Prime button, charging $1 for every button press would psychologically diminish its value.

I’ve made 30 orders this year, so I’d be annoyed if Amazon had a ceiling free shipping offers:…

I should really use wifi more often.


Ballast Point’s Grapefruit Sculpin is one of the best beers I’ve ever had.

I actually discovered this workaround the other day, but I didn’t want to make it so public… Easy hole to plug.

Wow, Amazon had a TV ad. For Prime.