Interestingly, @AppleMusic has 7x more followers than @Spotify just one day after launch, though.

.@Spotify performance, speed, curation and experience are so far 100x better, but still giving @AppleMusic a chance here and there.

As someone working on enterprise software — I get why launching a new cloud service is REALLY hard, even for Apple.



I usually don’t believe that I have a choice when offered light, medium, and dark roasted brewed coffee… at an airport.

A golden axiom to follow when doing anything; especially when shipping software. #dockercon


Love @angelscup. Really fun experience and the coffee selection is fantastic.

Ah — and it seems the toolchain is becoming stronger for podcasting as well:

We are truly in a golden age of podcasting if a show can be sold out with zero insight into who the guest is.

On average, a breach against a corporate network is occurring over a 200+ day span of time — the hackers are doing recon. #CIOExchange

The average cybercriminal is 35 years old and likely involved with organized crime. #CIOexchange

The impact of Moore’s law from a crime perspective? Decades ago: a guy with a gun. Today: 100 million people at the same time. #CIOExchange

Narco’s have built their own private cell phone networks to commit drug crimes. #CIOExchange

If you are keeping score, I have tweeted about edu, weather. Now hearing about IoT powerboats at #CIOexchange.

@IBM is a cool place to be.

Half of @weatherchannel biz is gathering data to empower enterprises to predict IT impact w/in 2 hrs of a weather event. #CIOexchange

Weather is one of the most important factors of enterprise IT. Those that can gain insights from weather data gain advantage. #CIOExchange

40% of 8th graders will take on a career that is not known today — software requires new technical skills in companies. #CIOExchange

Security systems should act less like walls around a castle and more like an immune system — vulnerabilities are inevitable. #CIOexchange

Just realized I’m going to be in Chicago for when the @NHLBlackhawks have a chance to raise Lord Stanley’s Cup /c @AdamMGunther

Can’t wait to watch now THREE Apple related webcasts this weekend: Keynote, SoTP, and @thetalkshow with @pschiller — congrats @gruber!

Anyone else finding Austin AT&T service to be completely useless lately?

So if I buy a bag of your coffee… You get to hire interns to work you? What a concept!


Did we already talk about this? Because I really hate this.


Content providers are making poor advertising decisions, turning the mobile web into a cesspool:…

I’ve always hoped for an app that plays music based on pace… cool to see context driven experiences like this:…

Well designed package tracking page:


If the product isn’t to your liking but you feel like you are in the demo, then give good feedback instead of money.

People who buy inferior products in the name of wanting “competition to succeed” are in fact hurting that cause.

Sport today is at such a high standard…


Wake up to a light tap
Check weather
Work on @SlackHQ
Take a phone call
Call for an @Uber home
Order food @Seamless

All from your wrist.

Now, fitbit could be working on new stuff that warrants the IPO but today’s Fitbit doesn’t seem compelling outside looking in.

Fitbit is the best activity tracker on the market. But, like the flip phone, doesn’t have a place in the next five years.

Coffee really benefits from rest after roast. 24-48 hours or so at minimum.

The new Ruby blend at @CaffeMedici is superb. Definite grapefruit coming through, but then some chocolate as well.

The disaster at Blue Bell is a reminder to never rest when you are on the top. Sad to hear about it but negligence leads to future failure.

Getting some work done out of @IBMWatson building today.


I’ve got @amazon prime now available in our zipcode, but I have no idea what to get.

Excited to try @angelscup — the “Netflix” á lá (DVD Subscription) for coffee.

Sounds like Apple Watch succeeds at being the best smart watch (not saying much), but, worse, being an OK timepiece.

Marketing like this is what separates companies from the rest of the competition. @dominos


Seeing a lot of parodies of the dash button, which simultaneously undermines and supports the product from Amazon.

New way to manage @SlackHQ — Join every channel, be selective on notifications, have a search open for “tarun” #process

Probably the most in-depth side quests I’ve ever played in a game. Great deep dive into Shangri-La in Far Cry 4:…

I’m really surprised by the amount of support from Apple on “Becoming Steve Jobs.” Seems clear they want to erase “Steve Jobs” from memory.

OH at Whole Foods … one out of countryman to another looking at the ready to bake pizzas: “You see? _everything_ is bigger in Texas.”

The new trackpad is so bizarre. It feels identical to a click. Then you turn the computer off and the magic is gone.

I can imagine the resale market for the Edition to be 30-40% off retail when 2.0 is released. Maybe even more.

The first QR code that was compelling enough to tweet about.


They Can Do No Harm

Apple will sell two million units in the first weekend.  They are launching in quite a few countries on day one, including China.  There are over 300 million iPhones in active use, with a healthy ecosystem of apps supporting the device on day one.  The Watch will enjoy a sort of honeymoon period, but the […]

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The 42mm Apple Watch (steel) is in the same ballpark as their latest Macbook.

Looks like the new Apple font on those MBA keys.

Is the @google/@Starbucks partnership a thing now?

Anyway, best interstitial portal of any free wifi connection.