Second app on the “bummed you aren’t on the iPhone 6+ optimized” list: @LinkedIn

First I find out that Indy has upped their coffee game… and now I learn a Giordano’s is opening up? Why does it only get cool when I leave?

Okay I gotta admit, that #leftshark video is hilarious.

What’s the best calendar app for an iPhone 6+?

The Windows 10 event is actually impressive. It is actually overwhelming.

Today, it is America that stands strong and united with our allies, while Russia is isolated…[T]hat’s how America leads. #sotu #dropthemic

Two years of free college could lead to even more specialized ($$$) 4-yr degrees, higher job barrier to entry, and higher d/o rates. #SOTU

Why not just make our basic education system better? Giving people two years of school for free is a bandaid to the real problem. #SOTU

Interesting call by @BarackObama make (community) college free: the externalities are huge. MS/MA degrees the new stakes to 100k+ jobs?

Welcome to 35 designers, joining @ibmdesign for the 4th (!) #ibmdesigncamp. (Very proud of the diversity, too!)


While I can excuse the dissatisfaction with CES, our feelings should be set aside to recognize the hard work that low level employees of the various companies achieve to prepare for a major release of a piece of software, or perhaps an entire product. An expensive product like a $1000 MP3 player may give pause about the strategic direction of the company, but the product managers, designers, marketers, sales people, and developers all worked under that direction. These folks may not have had much of a voice, or they may done something compelling for the product itself, but their efforts will always be less than appreciated. And while CES itself may need some new focus as a vehicle for showcasing products, the actual announcements and coordination had a ton of man hours put into them -- mocking their efforts is highly disrespectful.

A reminder of two important design principles:

1) A (business) for everyone is for no one
2) You are not the user

Interesting sort of science-geek angle to this coffee brewer design, but seems super impractical:…

I knew a guy who said ordering a “flat white” was their way of knowing if a Barista knew what he/she was doing.…

The results from the aeropress are as advertised, but it is so easy to make a mess. How do you make a mess-free, inverted brew?

It’s great to have time to write again.

On Coffee

Over the past few years, my romance with coffee has bloomed from being a casual encounter to a bonafide, intimate experience.

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My Favorite Podcasts of 2014

A large majority of my travel time (work commute, planes, road trips) is spent listening to podcasts, a fantastic medium for listening to stories, news, discussions and more for free. I am so thankful for the dozens of voices I listen to week in and week out who spend their time (and often paid very little) to provide unique perspectives on technology, business, design, journalism, and more. Here are my favorites, in no particular order.

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Destiny was so bad I returned it. Shadow of Mordor is a little better, but not for the fainthearted. #bingeweek

“[N]o one has been more aggressive… than IBM, which is on track to grow their design team to 1,000 people”…

Destiny is also extremely grindy and has a steep learning curve. Definitely not for someone looking for a quick reward.

Destiny, on the other hand, is somehow what _everyone_ said: amazing art, great mechanics, addictive play but a bad, convoluted narrative.

30 minutes into the game and I can tell Far Cry 4 is going to be amazing. Thanks for raving about it @Spacekatgal!

Roast #10 in the @behmor. Peru Cecanor. Going to take this one to FC.


New laptop flair from @CuveeCoffee to go along with my morning cup.


We’ve released the IBM Design Language for review. Most unique to our approach is the “six experiences” here:…

I wrote about the bonaverde system a while back, skeptical of the machine.

Turns out, the story is much worse:…

Pretty stupid that Starbucks is taking quality blends and burning them to dirt, calling it reserve and high end.…

Do microservices spell the end of .0 releases? How does hardware fit in the story? Is there an equivalent concept? #dockercon

Crazy how Eastern culture has exposed itself in iOS applications, offering different takes on mobile interaction:…

Afternoon tea.


Happy thanksgiving!


Thanksgiving coffee service a big success! Love the complexity and boldness from fresh roasted Burundi on the @behmor

The coldest beer in California — @JoeJosts


A little coffee for the family.


Tried P2/A on the @behmor and got the exact roast I needed on the @sweetmarias YGZ, City+ … Good balance of fruit and body.

Super fun to have finally visited the @CuveeCoffee operation today. Great people and coffee. Not to mention, retro.


Cupped three roasts. Ethiopian was super floral, unlike anything I’ve had. Colombian must be at least FC for taste.

Not a bad way to start a weekend. @TwistedXBrewing


It’s finally happening!!! @behmor


#24 @StratecheryFM is the best yet. Sweeps across UX, strategic management, and self reflection.


Pink Floyd's fifteenth studio album, The Endless River, was released today, adding a footnote to the tumultuous story of the band.  The band members describe it as a continuation of The Division Bell, which in fact harkens to the namesake the latest album in the last song, "High Hopes." On the surface, the album is more or less a series of edited outtakes from Bell, picking out phrases that can feel like traveling on a boat. But as the album carries on, it seems to touch on the entire collection of the Pink Floyd's amazingly diverse sound (though I really missed the saxophone). In that same vein, you can't appreciate the album as a series of singles, like you could with Meddle or Wish You Were Here. The album clearly has David Gilmour all over it -- you have to listen to it in one straight go (may I recommend on a nice drive, or while on a plane with no where to travel but the destination?).

Overall, if you are a Floyd fan like me (a Floydian?), you'll enjoy the album and it will be great background music while working, jogging, or whatever. If you are trying to understand why the band is so popular, then you'll be much better off starting with the penultimate classic, Dark Side of the Moon (yes, I know that is very debatable).

You can stream it if you have Spotify, but the breaks due to lag totally ruin the flow, so I'd buy it on iTunes or Amazon.

Shopping with @jmeylor:

“Pluses of the more expensive one:

… It’s really pretty…”

Got to sneak a peak at the @counter_culture HQ in RTP. What a cool operation. Thanks for showing me around.


Instructive story telling device that only the web can provide:

Hold “R” at any time (this wasn’t obvious).

Durham/RTP is a really picturesque place during this time of year. Wonderful first time visit.

This morning’s cup comes from @Intelligentsia … A delightfully fruity, tart YGZ. Poured @cocoacinnamon in Durham.


Segments called “his&hers,” “We Need To Talk” … kinda silly.

I wish sports media didn’t have to be so _obvious_ when they include women in hot takes, play-play announcing, etc.

What problem is Amazon Echo solving? What is the JTBD, and what makes this different?

I can’t answer any these.

Looks like we have the name for the next Star Wars: “The Force Awakens”

Great title.

Seems worth it to spend an extra $50 for the heart rate stuff.

Hopefully wearable people come up cool implications.

Joe Van Gogh

Beautiful coffee roaster in Durham, NC. Fantastic Ethiopian Sidamo.



Market Street coffee house -- Durham.

Starting to feel like home.


Tonight I witnessed a latte art competition hosted by @LorenzoPerkins at @patikacoffee … Can you pick the winner?


IoT seems broken more so because of what a pain it seems to set all of this up. No wonder companies paint the utopian view. #mwux14

Yep, Indy has its charm.


Birthday breakfast.


What an immaculate space for the new @patikacoffee!


First year where I *didn’t* upgrade to the latest OS X. Mostly due to navigating security policies at work.

Peyton is going to have 600 before his career ends.

The 6 already felt pretty light @ 129g for the size. I wonder if the new Nexus 5 will feel even lighter @ 130g and .3” increase.

When Austin is good, it’s really good.


The @AmericanAir telephone system has the slowest, most painful prompts ever.

After playing with the 6+, I totally get it. The 6 makes zero sense — go all the way on the size upgrade, or don’t.

.@jakek on paper prototyping:…

The key is for “external use” — but internally it isn’t a bad tool. One of many.

Who thought this was a good idea?

Like this is a really stupid idea.


Want to help design software that changes the way the world does business?

Let’s chat about @ibmdesign!


Anyone selling a Friday (10/10) ticket to #ACL this weekend? Let me know, thanks.

Some Guatemalan @gimmecoffee this morning. An interesting milky texture with a bit of tang after. Not too shabby.


Flexbox makes me feel dirty.

The problem for “one device fits all” is battery life, and even the Plus wouldn’t solve that problem when traveling.