When Austin is good, it’s really good. http://t.co/WilcgqEJFl


The @AmericanAir telephone system has the slowest, most painful prompts ever.

After playing with the 6+, I totally get it. The 6 makes zero sense — go all the way on the size upgrade, or don’t.

.@jakek on paper prototyping:


The key is for “external use” — but internally it isn’t a bad tool. One of many.

Who thought this was a good idea?

Like this is a really stupid idea. http://t.co/smHyGWowMW


Want to help design software that changes the way the world does business?

Let’s chat about @ibmdesign! http://t.co/UjN7hkLCnj


Anyone selling a Friday (10/10) ticket to #ACL this weekend? Let me know, thanks.

Some Guatemalan @gimmecoffee this morning. An interesting milky texture with a bit of tang after. Not too shabby. http://t.co/bqdoylirBf


Flexbox makes me feel dirty.

The problem for “one device fits all” is battery life, and even the Plus wouldn’t solve that problem when traveling.

I really enjoy my iPad mini, but find I would buy a iPod Plus if that ever existed.

1) ideal size for two hands
2) great ppi screen

Haven’t been to the @starwars homepage in forever — great responsive design and content: starwars.com

Finally going to check out the @CuveeCoffee operation tomorrow.

And just like that, @MacRumors removes the name. Good.

Just because @BloombergNews has to be low and report the name of an employee doesn’t mean others have to follow suit // @MacRumors

.@BillSimmons definitely provoked ESPN, but he did so with the truth. Now, he’s basically the equivalent of a journalism martyr.

Got a chance to play with a 6 (not Plus), and don’t see the value with current app support. Might be 6-12 mos. before mainstream value.

Help my good friend and UX designer raise money for a kidney transplant by donating $5 or $10 here: gofundme.com/flickneedsakid…

This is your attempt at leveraging the new extension capability, @LinkedIn? A shortcut to your app? Lousy. http://t.co/udSI5BeEP2


A comment you never want to get on a design http://t.co/6MR5gftULD


Every year I slightly regret not being first in line so I can make a quick $500.

Well, the line at the Austin Apple Store looks to be just as long as when the iPad Air was released.

Does anyone have any idea why this occurs. I believe this is why I don’t get iMessages on my Mac. http://t.co/aRk8lOBRQU


Odd bug in iOS8. Which status bar is better? http://t.co/2ltS7EHojk


This is the first year I’ve seen carriers rigorously throw offers at customers. Think back to pre-2007, where the inverse was true.

If you judge Apple Watch as a watch, especially a nice looking accessory, you involve new users, people, markets.

The Apple Watch has a screen, an App Store, and lots of tech. But it shouldn’t be compared to other things with those features.

First year I haven’t preordered the iPhone. Genuinely curious to see it first.

When I had the Lumia 920, I struggled with the size.

My Gut Reactions to Apple Watch

Normally I don’t write gut reaction posts, but Apple has clearly introduced the Apple () Watch now to generate buzz and beat the supply chain leaks, so I feel that an exception is worthy here. Here are some, in no particular order of significance: It has a screen. This makes it seem less controversial of a […]

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A Reminder Regarding Mobile Payments

I’m not buying some of the positive first reactions on Apple Pay ( Pay), which dismiss competitors and simply remark Apple’s scale as the reason mobile payments in general will succeed. While the convenience of making a payment from your phone is great, it is worth noting (and reiterating) Apple’s key issues to address.

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Watch “Early 2015”

Does it piggy back on WWDC or get its own release cycle?

Apple is betting that UX is a key differentiator. NFC payments in general haven’t totally taken over yet.

So Starbucks is on the list of Apple Pay — previously a Square partner.

That’s a pretty big blow.

And we’ve opened up Apple Pay as an API through the web!

.@Square: Shit

I really hope the landscape views for the iPhone 6 Plus come to the iPads as well.

On a smaller window size, looks like the front-enders didn’t consider image resizing fully: http://t.co/DCEMmhQ2SN


So much web browser design happening here:

1) Background CSS video
2) Shrinks the video on scroll
3) Live blog. http://t.co/dGeHLpFY04


As a stretch:

3) Some Apple/Beats accessory
4) Mavericks demos of deeper iOS 8 integration that we didn’t see.

To summarize:

1) Two phones
2) Several types of wearables, for men and women, all unified with a touchID sensor+siri+biometrics

Based on the leaks of the Apple wearable here, I wonder if it will just be a home button with mic/touch ID? macrumors.com/2014/09/08/iwa…

After last night’s Colts game, I’m convinced I’m seeing 1998 all over again, just replace Luck with Manning and Wayne with Harrison.

Subscribed to standalone @SundayTicketDTV. Stream quality is decent, but the volume issues and blackout rules are annoying.

Signs point to iWatch having a screen, but I don’t see why it has to have anything more than the time, alarms, and some health stats (maybe)

1) Think of any everyday chore you hate or takes time.

2) Create a website/mobile app enabling others to do it.

3) ???

4) Profit!

Next big startup: on-demand cooks based on what ingredients you have on your fridge and what you’d like for dinner (cc /@Jason)

It’s interesting how the USA is catching up with the rest of the world when it comes to “helper” culture: shyp.com

That is insanely large snack.

With emails now basically equivalent to conversation, there really should be an “end thread” button.

The @dominos pizza app is one of the best designed iPad apps I’ve ever used.

.@Zite is full of spammy, terrible content lately. Used to know me so well. Sad.

Considering an iTunes Refresh

iTunes is increasingly bursting at the seams with features, and the user experience suffers in some places. But, it isn’t likely that Apple is going to unbundle the offering, as it is the only multi-platform offering they can leverage to introduce new features or content.

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Thanks @Jamesholland for the @mailbox invite… a lack of folders might give me the heebie-jeebies but maybe it will be welcomed relief?

Cool part of my job: being able to ask a ? about a design pattern to 250+ people at the same time. So much passion/knowledge to tap into.

Nothing like a cold brew on a hot Texas day… @CuveeCoffee is shaping up to be a pretty awesome place to hangout! http://t.co/Hz5tSbma7F


Flying Virgin America for the first time tomorrow. Adding a pass to my iPhone from the web is magic.

Shipping Concepts

Today’s big internet businesses are taking their large mobile properties and leveraging multiple channels to target users off of one platform that they curate and manage. If you want to ship an idea, you can do it in minutes. If you want to build a business, you’ll have to fire on all cylinders and ship concepts, instead of “finished work.”

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This ad caught my eye because it is well done, but now in especially appreciate the sense of wonderment it gives: youtu.be/jiyIcz7wUH0

Oh captain, my captain.


Jumping on the bandwagon — the shift key on iOS makes zero sense to me. I tried to rationalize it, really.

I often find myself browsing Amazon and just adding things to my cart, never purchasing them. So I think I get why #AmazonCart makes sense.

exponent podcast art

One of my new favorite podcasts comes from Ben Thompson, whom I’ve grown to love as a unique entrepreneurial thinker and economist around tech trends. Exponent is basically an hour of socratic discussion around technology, business and economic theory. This isn’t a slight — it actually is intensely interesting to hear Ben and James Allworth, currently writing at the HBR. The two do a great job dissecting tech news and coming up with big picture ideas that really paint a different perspective on companies we hear about on mainstream tech. The topics are quite diverse and bold: thinking of the internet as an opportunity for social change, how Apple holds a monopoly; and whether Uber has a social responsibility to adjust its prices in disaster situations. If you are at all interested in product design, economics, strategic business decisions, you’ve got to give this one a listen.

PSA: It is tax free weekend in Austin. Good time to buy that new computer bag, jacket, etc.

Rapid ethnography: http://t.co/T5geiGETAb