Great spot for breakfast in RTP. And they serve @counterculturecoffee!

Happy #nationalcoffeeday. “Giant Steps” by @bluebottle from my Chemex on a nice, foggy morning.

Some of the best coffee in the business. @vervecoffee

Congrats to Mark! This is my every morning #CGCoffeeMoment.

RT @CoffeeGeek: And FYI, for that up to $50/lb you’re paying Keurig/Maxwell House, the farmer who’s beans are used? Probably got $1. Or less. #killthekcup

I usually don’t believe that I have a choice when offered light, medium, and dark roasted brewed coffee… at an airport.

Love @angelscup. Really fun experience and the coffee selection is fantastic.

So if I buy a bag of your coffee… You get to hire interns to work you? What a concept!


Coffee really benefits from rest after roast. 24-48 hours or so at minimum.

Excited to try @angelscup — the “Netflix” á lá (DVD Subscription) for coffee.

First I find out that Indy has upped their coffee game… and now I learn a Giordano’s is opening up? Why does it only get cool when I leave?

Interesting sort of science-geek angle to this coffee brewer design, but seems super impractical:…

I knew a guy who said ordering a “flat white” was their way of knowing if a Barista knew what he/she was doing.…

The results from the aeropress are as advertised, but it is so easy to make a mess. How do you make a mess-free, inverted brew?

On Coffee

Over the past few years, my romance with coffee has bloomed from being a casual encounter to a bonafide, intimate experience.

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Roast #10 in the @behmor. Peru Cecanor. Going to take this one to FC.


New laptop flair from @CuveeCoffee to go along with my morning cup.


I wrote about the bonaverde system a while back, skeptical of the machine.

Turns out, the story is much worse:…

Pretty stupid that Starbucks is taking quality blends and burning them to dirt, calling it reserve and high end.…

Thanksgiving coffee service a big success! Love the complexity and boldness from fresh roasted Burundi on the @behmor

A little coffee for the family.


Tried P2/A on the @behmor and got the exact roast I needed on the @sweetmarias YGZ, City+ … Good balance of fruit and body.

Super fun to have finally visited the @CuveeCoffee operation today. Great people and coffee. Not to mention, retro.


Cupped three roasts. Ethiopian was super floral, unlike anything I’ve had. Colombian must be at least FC for taste.

Got to sneak a peak at the @counter_culture HQ in RTP. What a cool operation. Thanks for showing me around.


This morning’s cup comes from @Intelligentsia … A delightfully fruity, tart YGZ. Poured @cocoacinnamon in Durham.


Joe Van Gogh

Beautiful coffee roaster in Durham, NC. Fantastic Ethiopian Sidamo.



Market Street coffee house -- Durham.

Tonight I witnessed a latte art competition hosted by @LorenzoPerkins at @patikacoffee … Can you pick the winner?


What an immaculate space for the new @patikacoffee!


Some Guatemalan @gimmecoffee this morning. An interesting milky texture with a bit of tang after. Not too shabby.


Finally going to check out the @CuveeCoffee operation tomorrow.

Nothing like a cold brew on a hot Texas day… @CuveeCoffee is shaping up to be a pretty awesome place to hangout!


Thoughts on the Bonaverde

The Bonaverde coffee machine sounds like a coffee connoisseurs’ dream, but I question the maturity of the product and some of the design decisions. The underlying value proposition of the Bonaverde is to enable consumers to enjoy the freshest coffee possible while cutting out wasteful steps in the coffee production process. The concept tugs at my heart […]

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